Salter Geo 5kg Digital Kitchen Scale - Stainless Steel

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Never worry about converting your unit conversions again, thanks to the Digital Conversion Kitchen Scale by Salter. Based upon one of our most popular digital kitchen scale models, the Conversions model features a unique glass platform, crammed with useful measurement guides and diagrams. This handy and unique design will look the part in any kitchen thanks to its neutral black surface and clean lines. Weigh your ingredients directly on the platform or with your own mixing bowl or jug, the generous size caters for most household bowls or containers.

  • Easy to read large digit display
  • Aquatronic function for measuring liquids in ml or fl.oz
  • Weigh directly on the platform or weigh with own mixing bowl suitable for use with most bowls or containers
  • Brushed Stainless Steel platform - hygienic and easy to clean
  • Fingerprint proof Stainless Steel helps prevent marks
  • Touch sensitive buttons
  • Add & Weigh ZERO function - allows for measurement of multiple ingredients in the same bowl
  • Switch between metric and imperial units
  • Battery Included
  • Max Capacity: 5kg/ 11lb / 5000ml / 175fl.oz
  • Divisions: 1g/ 0.1oz / 1ml / 0.1fl.oz
  • Product size 23 x 18 x 2 cm